The King of Fried Puerto Rican Food: Kaplash

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, Kaplash all rights reserved

Kaplash esta ubicado en Añasco, Puerto Rico. Where they specialize in “empandillas de Mariscos”. If you are looking up for a place to try Puerto Rican fried delicacies in the west this is your go to.

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, Empanadilla, all rights reserved

This is a place that really gets packed of people. This place is pretty small same as is pretty well known. My mom has been going to since when she was in collage and that was over 20 years ago. So this place is really well known through that area.

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, surtido, all rights reserved

Personally I have been coming to this place since I was 12 and have been coming since. Like when I am chilling in the beach with my family or just when we want something fried.

Same as if you want to go to a place that has a beach view and have a nice time with your family I really Really recommend it.

If you visit this place the things that I recommend is “Empanadilla de Jueyes” that is a type of crab, “Empanadilla de Langosta” that is from lobster, “Empanadilla de Camarones” that is from shrimp and if you feel kind of adventurous I recommend the one of shark.

My rating for this place 10/1o

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