The Cabachuela Caverns

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

The Cabachuela Caverns are located in Morovis, Puerto Rico. Its composed of 6 caverns where you visit 3 of them. If you are interested you can write them to their web page on facebook “Las Cabachuelas de Morovis”.

The volounteers that are working in the caverns are looking up to teach and preserve the history of the “tainos” that once lived in the caves. Because most of the people that lives on that area of Morovis doesn’t know about it the caves neither the history that are in them.

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

In this place you can find a lot of different eco systems and the different insects that live inside the caverns.

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho
Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

This place is beautiful and really is a new adventure. I recommend if you go in a tour with them go in some shoes that can get dirty and some long pants or leggings.

This place is to go to if you are looking up for an adventure inside the island or if you want to challenge your self to do something new. This is a great place to take children so they have contact with nature and learn new things about the past.

My rating is 10/10.

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Rincon and More…

“Rincon Of The Seas” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

In thanksgiving my father decided to rent a small villa in Rincon Of The Seas, because it was my moms and his wedding anniversary. Same as Rincon is one of my family favorite vacationing spot.

“Playa Domes” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

We have stayed in Rincon Of The Seas Various times. It has a great a great beach. Even though that after Hurricane Maria Rincon has lost part of their shore.

“Faro de Rincon” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

This is a great place to go with your family, to enjoy a beach day and to eat a lot. Some things that you can do is to go to the Light house, El Ultimo Brinco or you can go surfing on Domes Beach, The Gastropark@115, the Thursday Art walk and the restaurants that are are on the town. Some of them are Capriccio Trattoria, De Bocas, Roots Restaurant, The English Rose and many more.

The Gastropark@115 is a great place to eat! It has various things like pizza, hamburgers , tacos, asian food, etc. And more than a great place to it has a nice family friendly environment.

Rincon is a great place to go to in the summer and have some fun with your family and friends. In my opinion is one of the places where it has the best beaches in Puerto Rico. If you are going to vacay in Puerto Rico this is your go to.

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Some hotels that you can stay at in Rincon

The impact of the internet on Education

image: desks and chairs, Pete, license cc

I am a Puerto Rican girl that studied almost all her life in Puerto Rico. Until I moved to New Jersey when I was 16 and it impacted my education. Even though that I went to a privet school in Puerto Rico that started to use computers in middle school and in 9th gradeI went to a public school that I went there was a couple of projectors in the classroom. But it wasn’t compered to the technology that a school has in the United States.

No, I didn’t went to a privet school there, neither I am saying that all public schools had the same technology that the High school that I went.

The internet and technology in education is becoming so crucial, right now the books are in pdf as all teachers are using powerpoint to put the important information about the theme that they are talking in class leaving books aside.

Image: computer, [J], licensen cc

Its great because you are saving paper, same as you are making your class more dynamic. But are we retraining all the information that they are giving us?

For the students that are pretty visual is great cuz it helps to learn and it kind of helps to understand some things. But when they are in math class that flips. They need to be hands on doing that mathematical problem and not seeing some video that the pdf book offers.

A study in Norway proves that kids learn better using books that pdfs. (Study: kids learn better reading on paper vs electronics, Loud.) University students from US, Japan and Germany took a survey where they gave they gave the option between paper or technology. 92% of them picked paper because allows them to concentrate.(Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain, The Guardian.)

Making you think is technology is helping us learn or making a hole in our learning experience?

The Internet and technology has their pros and cons. Because with the internet we have it on the tip of our fingers, we don’t need to go to a library to read a book about it or a encyclopedia. Same as we don’t need to be doing lines to use a computer, we have a smartphone in our pocket to write a paper or look up the info. But regarding education it becomes more complex.

Study: kids learn better reading on paper vs electronics:

Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain:

My point of view of the web

The first thing that we do in theI.  morning is to check our cellphones. Sometimes to check our emails even our social media. Don’t worry I do it all the time!

But sometimes I feel that I am disconnecting from the people that I love and the things that are happening around me. Making me reflect that I am kind of obsessed with looking through my social media.

Sometimes is good because you find out about the the things that are happening around the world and thats is one of the great thing about social media. Because it creates a sense of community, but you loose the connection with a person.

If we didn’t had social media, we will be happier. In my case if I wouldn’t have social media I wouldn’t survive it. Because I have been that reliable with it in my life. Just if is for listening to music, looking for info or just to talk to someone in another continent. h

Small family Trip

“Hornblower Niagara Falls” Photo Taken by Stephanie Sepulveda

My family and I decided to go to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada on May 2018. I was going to graduate that same year so my parents decided to do a car trip.

In 2015 we went for the first time to Canada and visited  Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Ontario. Making my undying love for Canada.

Since in this trip we had such a short amount of time (4 days),
we decided to stay in the Falls area.

I recommend to bring kids ages 6 and older, due to the long in lines and the waing time making kids uncomfortable.

On the other hand around that area where you can bring samaller children because theres a mini golf,  go carts and an arcade.

A great thing that they do in summer is that they throw fireworks and really makes the expirice pretty magical.

Photo Taken by Stephanie Sepulveda

This is a small vid of what it happened there.

*Authors Note*
Bring your passport so you can enjoy Canadas side ­čÖé

Caf├ę Lare├▒o Torrefacci├│n Coffee Shop

Caf├ę Lare├▒o Torrefacci├│n pic taken by Eunice Sepulveda

“Caf├ę Lare├▒o Torrefaccion Coffee Shop”, is located in Lares, Puerto Rico, and is owned by the coffee company “Caf├ę Lare├▒o”.

The facilities are located in a rural area. I recommend to go in a small car and if you are going with your family or with a group of friends, is preferable that everyone go in the same car, due to the parking is pretty limited and sometimes is full.

This coffee shop has a beautiful view towards the coffee plantation, same as this place has a homey feeling. Giving you the feeling like you are in a Puerto Rican Grandmother house.

In addition of drinking delicious coffee and pastries, you can delight with one of their breakfast, sandwiches or hamburgers.

“Caf├ę Lare├▒o” logo pic taken by Eunice Sepulveda

Downstairs the coffee shop they have a beautiful garden. Where you can enjoy having a good conversation or just enjoy the view and relax.

This place is a must if you are a coffee lover visiting Puerto Rico. My rating is a 8.5 out of 10.

If you want to buy one of their products visit the link below: