Trabajo Final

Esta fue la presentación final de la clase de informática donde se hablo de la dark web y los carros autónomos. Aquí les dejo los enlaces de las entrevistas que se le hicieron a profesionales del tema y el powerpoint que se hizo.

Evaluación de la clase #10

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Foto de vistas por Eunice Sepulveda

Reflexion de la clase:

Pienso que la clase necesita un update ya que lo que se enseño ya lo sabia. Como las aplicaciones que ofrece google. Y solamente se enfoca a esa gente que no sabe trabajar con una computadora y ese porciento es sumamente pequeño en la clase. Los que estuvieron matriculados en la clase eran entre las edades de 21 a 17 años y todos sabemos lo que es una computadora.

También pienso que el trabajo final no tuvo que ver sobre lo que se dio en el semestre completo. Lo que se le tuvo que enfocar la clase era en los blogs ya que es lo que de verdad se le podia sacar provecho en la clase y para sacarle provecho tengo que pagar la próxima clase. Por lo que pienso que no lo vale ya que me quede decepcionada por la primera clase.

Por otra parte deberían especificar mas lo que se daba en la clase ya que muchos de lo que asistieron en las clase no sabia de lo que trataba. Y era la queja constante de los que asistían a ella. Por lo demás en mi opinion fue una perdida de tiempo y dinero.

Cosas “más” importantes

  1. Las fotos gigantes ya que no sabia que había gente que hiciera eso y como es una molestia visual que se pongan así de grandes.
  2. El blog como anteriormente mencione.

Second Fondant Cake

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

Past Sunday I decided to do my second fondant cake on Sunday for my roommate. Even though that her birthday is like 1 month. I wanted her to celebrate her birthday because I don’t know if I am going to see her.

The theme as you can see is of the “Lilo and Stitch” movie.Either way I decided to do my moms “Puerto Rican” cake recipe that consist of:

  1. 2 cups of cake flour
  2. 2 sticks of butter
  3. 1 cup of white sugar
  4. 6 egg yolk’s
  5. 1 cup of whites
  6. 1 tbs of brandy
  7. 1tbs of vanilla

So you are going to whisk the butter with the sugar and the egg till the sugar dissolves. Same as pour in the vanilla and the tbs of brandy, later put in the flour.

In another bowl whisk in the whites till they have the consistency of almost meringue then fold it to the batter. After you do that bake it to 350 degrees in your oven.

So for this cake you need to do a simple syrup that is

  1. 2 cups ofd water
  2. 1 cup of sugar
  3. and 1 cup of brandy

You have to let it simmer till the alcohol evaporates, so thats practically it. For the frosting I use shortening frosting. Which is

  1. 1 cup of shortening
  2. 3 cups of confectioners sugar
  3. 1 tbs of vanilla

And to help it to make it a little more manageable add some water not a lot cuz you don’t want it super liquid.

This recipe is the one that she has been using since my childhood. Hopefully you like it follow me through my instagram and see you in the next blog.

Failed Food internet test

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

When I was in home a couple of months ago my wanted me to do sliders for my family. So what I decided to do was to do one of this internet food test videos that they pop up on your Facebook or Instagram.

I was soooo confident about it. Because I have seen this type of videos a couple of times.

So I chopped up the things I was going to put in the meat and every thing… And I did not went as expected. In the video the burger looked so juicy and beautiful…. And my did not ended beautiful and definitive not beautiful. This was really a flop.

Cuz I really hoped that it was going to end up like the video and really didn’t knew what went wrong about it. Something you guys need to know is that I really like to cook. And I think that I wouldn’t do this type of things again like to get it out of the way.

In conclusion don’t believe everything that they do on the internet and even more when are things to get out of the way. Even though that this is great when you have guest at your house and your in a rush. You risk that the meat gets pretty dry when you are cooking it same as if you like that sear on your burger you don’t get it hear.


Photo by Lester Library

Chef(2014) was directed, written and acted Jon Favreau. The people that acted in this movie are: Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Sofia Vergara, Emjay Anthony, John Lugaziamo and others more.

This movie has a rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb, 87% on rotten tomatoes and 68% on metracritc.

This movie tells about a chef that quits his job and buys a food truck to prove his creativity.

I know that is movie is from a couple of years ago. But I had to write of it this is the ultimate foodporn movie. Just because it makes you hungry and connects the viewer with it. For example my favorite part is where they are making “Cubanos” and mean while you where watching it you felt that your mouth water.

Same you feel a connection even though they were A lists actors. I think that this was one of Sofia’s best performance. Because they didn’t put Sofia a crazy latina like they always do. As the one that acts Emjay the kid that acts like Jon Favreau son acted amazing. You felt that the connection between them was real.

This movie actually inspires you to cook and the thing is that this movie is so different than the others. First of all is not a cheesy romantic comedy about people cooking and falling in love. Is a comedy and drama separating its from the other movies.

I really recommend this movie to any foodie out there my rating is a 10/10.

My favorite 5 pictures from the blog

This are my favorite 5 pictures that I have taken in the blog.

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda
Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

This two picture is from the blog I made for the “Cabachuela Caverns.”

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

This one is from my first blog posts of “Cafe Lareño”.

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

So I guess you guys are tired of me talking of Rincon but this one is from one of the posts.

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

This one is from the restaurant “Hacienda Don Julio”

English Rose: Rincon

Picture by Marie Camacho

And this is another appreciation post for Rincon. Today we are going to be talking about restaurant that serves brunch called “The English Rose”.

“The English Rose” is a bed and breakfast located in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Something very important for you to know that theres two ways to get to the restaurant. One is literally one way road. Like you can’t barely pass an suv through it and the other way fits two cars.

The moral of the story is that never let the GPS get the power of taking the lead on road trips folks, in this particular case ask a local if you rant up for a scary adventure.

Photo by Eunice Sepulveda

Even though that arriving there is super stressful the view up there is amazing same as the food.

The style of food is pretty American. They serve French toasts, Bloody Marys, Ginger with lemonade, Waffles, ect. Something pretty different that what you can find in a local restaurant excluding the restaurant chains.

This is some of the things that we order in the restaurant. Something that I can say is that all the food that was served to us was felt that it was homemade, from the bread, to the sausage to the ginger lemonade.

Making you kind of wanting to you come again after that difficult trip to get down there. Because is actually shocking that they restaurant is up there and that is always full.

Something that you have to know is that to eat there you need to reserve your space. Because they aren’t open all day same as they open for 4 days from Thursday to Sunday and you have to show up 10 minutes before the time of your reservation.

I give this restaurant a 7/10. Even though that this restaurant is great… I think that they should get a trolley just because the one way road is pretty dangerous.