The King of Fried Puerto Rican Food: Kaplash

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, Kaplash all rights reserved

Kaplash esta ubicado en Añasco, Puerto Rico. Where they specialize in “empandillas de Mariscos”. If you are looking up for a place to try Puerto Rican fried delicacies in the west this is your go to.

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, Empanadilla, all rights reserved

This is a place that really gets packed of people. This place is pretty small same as is pretty well known. My mom has been going to since when she was in collage and that was over 20 years ago. So this place is really well known through that area.

Pic By: Eunice Sepulveda, surtido, all rights reserved

Personally I have been coming to this place since I was 12 and have been coming since. Like when I am chilling in the beach with my family or just when we want something fried.

Same as if you want to go to a place that has a beach view and have a nice time with your family I really Really recommend it.

If you visit this place the things that I recommend is “Empanadilla de Jueyes” that is a type of crab, “Empanadilla de Langosta” that is from lobster, “Empanadilla de Camarones” that is from shrimp and if you feel kind of adventurous I recommend the one of shark.

My rating for this place 10/1o

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Matty Matheson: Maybe one of the greatest chefs of the world.

Photo courtesy of Viceland

Matty Matheson had one of the greatest cooking shows on planet earth. He doesn’t have one of your typical cooking show like the ones in food Network.

Courtesy of giphy

He is a Canadian Chef that has a show in “Munchies” and is the author of “Matty Matheson: A cook book”.

In his cooking show you feel that you are kind of his actual friend and you just came to his house uninvited to eat. Same as what he cooks makes you want to cook it too, or try it. His show is just a little pice of foodie heaven.

Courtesy of Giphy (itssuppertime)

Same as his carisma is and his unique personality make the show more interesting and engage with the show.

We just actually need a Matty Matheson in our lives. Just to tell us to make lasagna baby and serve it to our dates. He is just one of the greatest human beings and that is just what makes him a great chef, no debate about that.

A Gem Accidentally Discovered

My family and I decided to go on a road trip to nowhere through the north of Puerto Rico a couple months ago. The thing was that we became pretty hungry through out the trip, we had seen this restaurant that looked so homey and every time we passed through the restaurant was always full.

This restaurant is in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, and the name is “Hacienda Don Jando”

imagen: Hacienda Don Jando, Eunice Sepulveda, all rights reserved

The history behind the restaurant is pretty interesting. They have different chairs and tables, because they have been donated from different people that the owners have helped.

imagen: Hacienda Don Jando, Eunice Sepulveda, all rights reserved

But y’all are here to here about the food, am I right? They have a sushi roll, but here is the kicker. The sushi roll is fried, has churrasco (skirt steak), amarillo, rice, cream cheese and mayoketchup. Most of us Puerto Ricans breath, sleep and drown in mayoketchup.

Either way coming back to the sushi. I have never had sushi before, but I can assure you that this is one of the tastiest “sushi” rolls that you could ever have.

imagen: Hacienda Don Jando, Eunice Sepulveda, all rights reserved

Same as they have this dish that has ribs, pork chops and chicken breast filled with plantains. The sides are white rice, beans, ripe plantains and tostones. Making its the ultimate Puerto Rican feast.

The thing that I really don’t recommend is the milk shakes. But the environment really family friendly, the food is amazing and the service is amazing. My rating for this restaurant 8.5

The Cabachuela Caverns

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

The Cabachuela Caverns are located in Morovis, Puerto Rico. Its composed of 6 caverns where you visit 3 of them. If you are interested you can write them to their web page on facebook “Las Cabachuelas de Morovis”.

The volounteers that are working in the caverns are looking up to teach and preserve the history of the “tainos” that once lived in the caves. Because most of the people that lives on that area of Morovis doesn’t know about it the caves neither the history that are in them.

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

In this place you can find a lot of different eco systems and the different insects that live inside the caverns.

Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho
Photo by: Eunice Sepulveda Camacho

This place is beautiful and really is a new adventure. I recommend if you go in a tour with them go in some shoes that can get dirty and some long pants or leggings.

This place is to go to if you are looking up for an adventure inside the island or if you want to challenge your self to do something new. This is a great place to take children so they have contact with nature and learn new things about the past.

My rating is 10/10.

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Rincon and More…

“Rincon Of The Seas” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

In thanksgiving my father decided to rent a small villa in Rincon Of The Seas, because it was my moms and his wedding anniversary. Same as Rincon is one of my family favorite vacationing spot.

“Playa Domes” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

We have stayed in Rincon Of The Seas Various times. It has a great a great beach. Even though that after Hurricane Maria Rincon has lost part of their shore.

“Faro de Rincon” photo by Eunice Sepulveda, cc some rights reserved

This is a great place to go with your family, to enjoy a beach day and to eat a lot. Some things that you can do is to go to the Light house, El Ultimo Brinco or you can go surfing on Domes Beach, The Gastropark@115, the Thursday Art walk and the restaurants that are are on the town. Some of them are Capriccio Trattoria, De Bocas, Roots Restaurant, The English Rose and many more.

The Gastropark@115 is a great place to eat! It has various things like pizza, hamburgers , tacos, asian food, etc. And more than a great place to it has a nice family friendly environment.

Rincon is a great place to go to in the summer and have some fun with your family and friends. In my opinion is one of the places where it has the best beaches in Puerto Rico. If you are going to vacay in Puerto Rico this is your go to.

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Some hotels that you can stay at in Rincon