The impact of the internet on Education

image: desks and chairs, Pete, license cc

I am a Puerto Rican girl that studied almost all her life in Puerto Rico. Until I moved to New Jersey when I was 16 and it impacted my education. Even though that I went to a privet school in Puerto Rico that started to use computers in middle school and in 9th gradeI went to a public school that I went there was a couple of projectors in the classroom. But it wasn’t compered to the technology that a school has in the United States.

No, I didn’t went to a privet school there, neither I am saying that all public schools had the same technology that the High school that I went.

The internet and technology in education is becoming so crucial, right now the books are in pdf as all teachers are using powerpoint to put the important information about the theme that they are talking in class leaving books aside.

Image: computer, [J], licensen cc

Its great because you are saving paper, same as you are making your class more dynamic. But are we retraining all the information that they are giving us?

For the students that are pretty visual is great cuz it helps to learn and it kind of helps to understand some things. But when they are in math class that flips. They need to be hands on doing that mathematical problem and not seeing some video that the pdf book offers.

A study in Norway proves that kids learn better using books that pdfs. (Study: kids learn better reading on paper vs electronics, Loud.) University students from US, Japan and Germany took a survey where they gave they gave the option between paper or technology. 92% of them picked paper because allows them to concentrate.(Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain, The Guardian.)

Making you think is technology is helping us learn or making a hole in our learning experience?

The Internet and technology has their pros and cons. Because with the internet we have it on the tip of our fingers, we don’t need to go to a library to read a book about it or a encyclopedia. Same as we don’t need to be doing lines to use a computer, we have a smartphone in our pocket to write a paper or look up the info. But regarding education it becomes more complex.

Study: kids learn better reading on paper vs electronics:

Why reading and writing on paper can be better for your brain:


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